CMG helps Government to identify, acquire and transition critical technology innovations to the Warfighter. Project awards made using CMG OTAs offer great flexibility in tailoring the terms to a particular project and the needs of the participants, achieving the best approach to fulfilling the Government’s technology needs.


  • Broadens the technology base by reaching innovators not readily available to the DoD
  • Projects under $50M generally can be competitively awarded within 90 days.
  • Seamless transition from prototype into production
  • Flexibility in crafting Intellectual Property provisions
  • Accepts all “colors” of funding
  • Government program managers retain total project-management control
  • Award processes can be tailored to meet programmatic needs
  • Project payments are made based on measurable milestone achievement
  • Project awards cannot be protested
  • Other agencies–including DHS, DOE and H/HS–can also use CMG’s OTAs

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