CMG-led consortia operate very differently from other OTA consortia.

CMG’s rolling RWP process accommodates the uncertainty of the Federal budget process and the fluidity of requirements. New technology requirements can be identified and posted by the Government at any time throughout the year. An action is initiated only when funding is identified to support a specific project requirement. This ensures that neither consortium members nor the Government wastes time and resources needlessly generating requirements and White Papers or performing technical evaluations.

CMG consortia are operated internally, including all management and contracting operations. This approach ensures that its consortia are administered more efficiently and with more financial transparency because all fees are paid directly to CMG by the Government. Therefore, the operations of CMG’s consortia are fully accountable and responsive to the needs of the Government.  There is no additional post-award assessment to be paid by the awardees, and no downstream licensing or royalty fees are due to CMG.

Another element of CMG’s compliance is the milestone-payment process. This transparent process of receiving deliverables, obtaining Government approvals and invoicing enforces a strict level of member compliance with the provisions of the OTA and the project subcontract award. This ensures that the Government has total visibility and traceability of all expenditures from the prime contractor through the lowest-tier subcontractor.


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