Become a Member

Membership is open to large and small businesses, nonprofits and academic institutions conducting research and development in the energy, environmental, and demilitarization technology domains.

Becoming a member of CEED is quick and easy, completed through a simple one-step, online application process. The requirements for membership are: to possess capabilities in and the ability to provide solutions within CEED’s technology domains, to agree to the terms of the Consortium Membership Agreement, and to pay annual dues of $500. Membership dues are waived for all new members in their first year, and academic institutions are exempt from membership dues.

CMG is committed to educating, attracting and serving new members, especially small businesses and other non-traditional defense contractors, to advance its mission of providing technologies to the Government. CMG has dedicated staff to complete enrollment and ensure a quick intake process. Upon submittal, CMG will formally acknowledge receipt of your application, address administrative processes and procedures, and advise of all open opportunities and other items of note. New members are eligible immediately to respond to any open opportunity.

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